Cover Artwork: Last Standing Woman

Rabbett's painting Sudden Gust of Wind was chosen for the cover of the reprint of Winona LaDuke's only novel Last Standing Woman.

Winona LaDuke is a writer, economist, lecturer and enrolled tribal member of the Anishinaabe of White Earth reservation. She is also the Executive Director of Honor the Earth, where she works on a national level to advocate, raise public support, and create funding for frontline native environmental groups.

The long-awaited reprint of Winona LaDuke’s only novel is now available! Based on a tragic history and presenting a hopeful vision for the future, Last Standing Woman is a powerful and poignant novel tracing the lives of seven generations of Anishinaabe (Ojibwe/Chippewa). Beginning in the 1860s, the story chronicles a Native-American reservation and its people’s struggle to maintain their culture.
— Reprint release announcement