Gallery: Gallery Atitlan, Minneapolis


Rabbett's paintings are on display in Gallery Atitlan, 609 S. 10th St., in Minneapolis in 2007. The Gallery, and Rabbett's work, were featured in an article by Anna Pratt in Southwest Journal.

One of those cultures we might need to survive is portrayed by Anishinaabe oil painter Rabbett Strickland, who’s also an inventor and mathematician. Strickland’s flat, matte-finished works, some of which reach 10.5 feet by 6.5 feet, dwarf visitors. Centering on the mythic character Nanaboozhoo, the Ojibwe Great Spirit that appears in many native parables, he shows free-flowing figures with acid blue hair who fight a tough current as they’re swept up into assimilation on monumental canvases. Nanaboozhoo possesses both divine powers and human weaknesses. With creeping warm tones, the Botticelli-like Native American people drown in a lake.

Other Strickland figures grasp a flagpole bearing the U.S. flag, while another speaks to genetically modified rice. These are visions that appeared to Strickland in his sleep and persisted until he transcribed them with a brush.
— Anna Pratt, Southwest Journal